Crowned royal pageants presents; 

The Princess of America National Pageant

This system is for the Teen, Miss and Ms. age divisions and focuses on building; strong social connections, personal branding, and female empowerment within young women. Once entered into a Preliminary State Competition, the delegate goes through 7 stages of competition over 2 days; Royal Introduction, Princess Evaluation, Princess Portrait, Onstage Question, Royal Spring Wear, Athletic Wear, and Evening Gown.

This sounds like a heavy workload to deal with but there's a lot of down time and you’re surrounded by amazing women from different walks of life who are eager to get to know you! In addition to this, there is a set itinerary for pageant weekend with many fun activities and opportunities to form long lasting friendships. The list of social and structural event blocks during the weekend can be found in State Pageants.

State preliminary competition 

The Royal Introduction is the first debut for the Ladies In Waiting and they are given a Princess Training Workshop to help ease the nerves and prepare for this heavily weighted portion. The delegates are to wear a solid color, semi-formal to formal dress and are announced with their name coming before their title. The Delegates then have 30-45 seconds to introduce themselves with the short intro they wrote during the workshop. After they’ve finished their introduction their scores are tallied and we move on to the next phase of competition.

The Princess Evaluation is the heaviest weighted score as it's the interview portion of the competition. After being prepped in Princess Training (and hopefully preparing at home), each Lady In Waiting is given 3-5 minutes with the state board. The questions are to get to know the Lady’s thoughts, experiences, and ideas. As a State Princess, one represents the hundreds of thousands to millions of people within that state. Due to this it’s so important for a delegate to have the ability to; be polite and pleasant when having social interactions, hold engaging conversations, and form cohesive ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

The Princess Portrait is the photogenic portion of the state competition. Worth only 5% of your total score, it is the lowest weighted and most stress-free part of the competition! It takes place during Princess Evaluations as the delegates are waiting for their interview slot. Each Lady takes a photo with her crown and sash on and her photos are used in the monthly CRP, Princess of America Digital Magazine.

Onstage Question is exactly that! It’s an onstage question randomly drawn from a bowl by each Lady during the Royal Slumber Party. Each Lady then has from the late evening of Day 1 till the afternoon of Day 2 to rough draft or jot some bullet points of what they’d like to answer. The delegate starts off with her royal announcement and then is given up to a minutes to answer their question.

Directly After Onstage Question is Royal Spring Wear. Due to this, delegates are required to be in their Royal Spring Wear attire for both events. Immediately after the delegate is through with answering their question, they are to walk the stage and exit to immediately begin changing for Athletic Wear.

Athletic Wear is the form of competition where the Lady’s put on their best sneakers and hit the stage strutting! Delegates have up to 45 seconds on the stage and are expected to bring personality and energy during this section of the competition. The goal is to energize and motivate the audience!

Finally, the Evening Gown section of the competition. Grab the best dress you fancy and finally experience your show stopping, ‘Belle of the Ball’ moment. Delegates have one more minute each to win over judges in their star studded gowns and crowns. 

It always helps to put a crown to a face! With the amount of beautiful and intelligent young Ladies competing in the system, it’s going to be hard deciding which crowns go to who.