Crowned royal pageants presents; 

The Princess of America National Pageant

National Director:

Soré Sanni

national pageant director of the 'crp, princess of america' national pageant system.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

About me

Soré Sanni is a first generation Nigerian-Canadian, who is currently an Arts History major at Carleton University. She began doing pageants consistently after separating from her parents and choosing to live independently after her 16th birthday in August. Since then she's participated in glitz, national, and International pageants and has held up to 5 titles at once! Her reasoning for beginning her pageant journey was to an example and prove that teens that grew up with parental conflict, complete separation from their parents, and/or are in child and youth protection service systems can amount to something and even be a role model in their communities. Her personal platform is "Raising Awareness for Youth in CPS and CAS systems". Her dream job is to be an elementary school teacher and provide a safe/positive learning space that was given to her by elementary and highschool teachers growing up.

Why i started this pageant system 

Soré, like most of the western world, was swept away in the fantasy worlds of shows and movies containing themes such as pageantry, royalty /monarchy, and balls. She then began to brainstorm how to connect all these ideas to create a unique pageant system where delegates would get to become a Lady and have an opportunity to advance to different areas of competition and hopefully earn a Princess title, while having a proper royal/debutant like experience. Hence the product of her hard work and research; the 'CRP, Princess of America National Pageant' system. 

My nonprofit blm event

In June, the world was stunned by the police brutality case of George Floyd and was moved to participate in the biggest movement in U.S history with protests happening worldwide. Similar to her American neighbours, Canada had several police brutality cases with the most recognized one being the unnecessary death of Indigenous-Ukrainian-Black Canadian woman, Regis Korchinski-Paquet. Following her death several BLM protests were planned in her honour with the largest one attracting thousands of people in downtown Toronto.

Soré travelled to and attended 4 Black Lives Matter protests in cities around her and began getting messages from her peers asking about any local protests in Peel Region. Seeing as she couldn’t find any, she asked her social media followers on Snapchat and Instagram about their possible attendance should she plan an event. To her surprise she received over 200 votes on instagram alone! She then founded the "Brampton for BLM" organization, created a committee, and planned the extremely successful protest that hundreds of people attended and hundreds of thousands of people heard of through news channel outlets and articles. She managed to plan the event in under 2 weeks and raised thousands of dollars of which went directly the families of the Black and/or Indigenous victims of police brutality; Chantel Moore, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, and D'Andre Campbell.

Soré's incredible passion and determination was what ultimately brought the immense success of the event as she sacrificed her already immune-compromised health by sleeping for less than 5 hours every other day, eating prepackaged microwaveable meals to cut down eating duration, and prioritized the event over school finals to optimize the time frame she had to put together the event.

The future of this pageant system

Soré's goal is to eventually have this pageant system be international, though for now it is American based. In the near future, she hopes to plan a Canadian branch within this pageant system and host a North American competition for both American and Canadian finalists.

Soré is currently planning the 2022 National Competition schedule and activities. The details will be released as planning continues.