Join The Largest Growing Pageant Monarchy System

In the last few years we've seen national attention given to shows and media that focus on pageantry and monarchy. Netflix Originals such as, 'The Crown' , 'Bridgerton', 'Insatiable', and 'Dumplin' are just a successful few. In short, we're all dreaming about being the debutant at a ball, a national pageant winner, or the literal Queen of England. Using these 3 themes, we've put together a pageant system for your dreams to become a reality. We all deserve to have our royal moments, whether born into a national monarchy or not. With over 15 preliminary pageant events happening nationwide in 2022,  this 2-day pageant is unique, self aware, and gives promising opportunities to delegates. Join us and be an early generation Crowned Royal to what will be an amazing and long-lasting, monarchy styled, national pageant system!

Represent your county, town, or city in the state preliminary competition where you’ll get to; 

  • Meet and Greet with your fellow Ladies in Waiting

  • Be introduced into the CRP, Princess of America society during a Royal Introduction Ceremony

  • Receive Princess Training workshops from recognized pageant coaches,

  • Socialize and dance at the Royal Slumber Party

  • Have a 3-5 minute Princess Evaluation with the state board

  • Go through Runway Workshop

  • Have a Crowned Photoshoot

  • Have a show rehearsal,

  • Participate in the 4 onstage areas of competition.

Areas of competition

Royal Introduction

Onstage Question

Evening Gown

Princess Evaluation 

Royal Spring Wear

Princess Portait

Athletic Wear









Preliminary Competition Titles 

Your Name, ‘Lady of Representative County/Town/City,'

Ex: 'Lady of Harris County'


State Competition Titles

First Runner Up: Your Name, ‘Duchess of  State Capital'

Ex: 'Duchess of Austin, TX'

State Winners: ‘Princess of _____ State'

Ex: 'Princess of Texas State'


National Competition Titles

Coastal Winners: ‘Princess of the _____ Coast’

Ex: 'Princess of the Atlantic Coast'

National Winners: ‘CRP, Princess of America’

'CRP, Princess of America'